The Benefits

-Vanessa gives Benefits to you!-

    • 01 - Side folds protect from leaks.
    • 02 - Soft cottony surface absorbs quickly and does not irritate the skin
    • 03 - Anion strip suppresser reproduction of microorganisms inside the pad and unpleasant odour
    • 04 - Sterilized Cotton
    • 05 - Chlorine-free paper
    • 06 - Super absorbent material (upto 5 times more than usual pads) perfectly protects from leaks
    • 07 - Sterilized Cotton
    • 08 - Air permeable base (with micropores) lets the skin breathe
    • 09 - Food grade glue strips do not clog pores of the pad base

Why Vanessa

-Freedom from 5 problems-

Wet Feeling

Freedom from all day wet feeling.Tourmaline based Far-IR Anion Strip ensures you all day dryness and health


Freedom from bad odour. Tourmaline based Far-IR Anion Strip in Vanessa even ensures your freedom from bad odour.


Make a smart choice today, switch to Vanessa Smart Sanitary Napkins! to get freedom from Rashes


Vanessa smart sanitary napkins comes with Tourmaline based Far-IR Anion Strip. This miracle strip generates Far infrared rays and Anions which releases oxygen, aiding ventilation, reducing bacterial growth.

Frequent Pad Change

Switch to Vanessa smart sanitary napkin and get freedom from changing pad again and again. Apart from being a convenient feminine hygiene solution during periods, it is also very effective in preventing various undesirable gynaecological conditions in women.

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-Compare us with other brands-

Features Vanessa Smart Other Brands

Super absorbent

They can absorb two to three times the amount of fluid of a traditional pad. Natural crystal-like particles lock in twice the moisture to keep surface dry. Not able to hold as much fluid. This could cause leakage.

Health Protection –
the Anion strip

Our pads have a high density anion strip inside the soft cotton lining. The anion strip is activated by moisture or friction from wearing the pad. This Anion strip helps kill harmful bacteria and increases oxygen uptake into the blood. The Anion strip emits up to an amazing 6070 anions (negative ions) per centimetre which effectively helps to inhibit the survival and growth of bacteria and viruses. This helps women by suppressing the survival and multiplication of bacteria, eliminating odour and promoting comfort during menstruation. The whole process is chemical free! No patented Anion strip is available.


These pads have a soft cotton layer next to the skin so there is no irritation. Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface, usually nylon.

Air Permeability

The base of these pads is permeable to air but not to water enhancing greater hygiene levels. They minimise bacterial infections and gynaecological problems. Most traditional pads have a plastic base which does not allow air to circulate. This then creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Make a smart choice today,
switch to Vanessa Smart Sanitary Napkins!

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